Criminal & Disciplinary

Police custody, criminal investigation, criminal inquiry, criminal court, assize court, departmental criminal court, criminal mediation, appearance on preliminary recognition of guilt (CPRC), judicial public interest agreement (CJIP), European public prosecutor's office, disciplinary jurisdictions.

  • Victim or respondent (free hearing, police custody, under investigation, assisted witness, defendant, accused)

  • Criminal defense - Negotiated justice - Criminal mediation - Restorative justice

  • General criminal - Business criminal - Art criminal - Press criminal - Labor criminal - Consumer criminal - Environmental criminal

  • Disciplinary law for regulated professions - Proceedings before professional bodies or independent administrative authorities

  • Public and individual liberties

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Case studies

Case studies

Defense of a company director prosecuted for misuse of corporate assets

Decision : Relaxation

Defense of an executive prosecuted for fraud and money laundering

Decision : Dismissal

Defense of a legal entity prosecuted for fraud

Decision : Relaxation

Defending a theft victim

Decision : Conviction of the fence and compensation for the victim

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