Lawyer and Mediator

Defense & Mediation

Defending people, their rights, their projects,
with the principles of justice.
"Just with words, law and empathy".

Criminal - Arts - Media - Compliance - Advocacy

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Welcome to Oratorik,
we look forward to working with you to
defend you, protect your rights and your assets,
make your projects a reality with the law,
resolve your disputes.

With humanity, creativity and ethics.
speech, law and emotional intelligence.

Defense & mediation

Criminal - Arts - Media - Compliance - Legal & judicial professions


Advocacy workshop

Rhetoric, argumentation, eloquence, arts, sciences and justice




Telling and training

#Attorney at law #Mediator

Are you caught in a conflict? You have the right to advice on how to get out of it.

Are you being accused? You have the right to be defended, to have your rights respected.

Do you have a project that's being opposed? Let's see if we can come to an agreement with your opponent, and if not, how we can convince the judge.

We are here,

as a lawyer, to defend you, defend your rights, bring your projects to fruition with the law,
as a mediator
, to help you come to an agreement to bring your projects to fruition or resolve a conflict.


"We act as lawyer or mediator
with rigor, creativity & strategy
to bring positive solutions
in complex & sensitive situations"

Our expertise in argumentation and law and behavioral sciences, our strategic strategic and tactical of defending and resolving disputes


- Examine the facts with regard to the law of evidence. Analyze the situation to qualify it in law.

Conduct impartial internal investigations in companies and organizations.


- Defending yourself in court and in the media, defending your rights.

- Criminal & disciplinary
- Arts, culture & rights
- Personality rights & freedom of expression
- Compliance & duty of care
- Professions of law and justice

- Build your media defense case, with your communications agency if you're lucky enough to have one.


- Lawyer or mediator or arbitrator, resolve disputes by amicable, judicial or jurisdictional means.

- Assist you in carrying out your projects and in conducting internal disciplinary procedures according to the principles of procedural law.

Promoting the principles of justice

- Act with companies and other organizations to promote impartial internal investigations and procedures, as well as respect for human rights and the environment through duty of care.

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