Defense & Mediation

We offer you our expertise in argumentation, law and behavioral sciences, and our strategic and tactical vision of defense and dispute resolution.

  • Crisis and conflict analysis

  • Defending you in court and in the media

  • Resolve your disputes and assist you in carrying out your projects


Facts and law

Analyzing crises and conflicts - Anticipating risks

Crisis and conflict analysis using multidisciplinary tools. These tools draw on law, argumentation and behavioral sciences. We analyze your situation. We present our legal analysis of the situation in plain language, and make recommendations for defending yourself, overcoming the crisis and resolving the conflict.

We carry out audits in your company or organization to set up processes for anticipating crisis and conflict.


The law depends on proof

In litigation, evidence is the condition for the existence of a fact and the recognition of a right. In order to better understand how a judge or arbitrator, should he ever have to deal with your dispute, will be able to assess the situation in law and in fact, evidence of the facts must be gathered. Evidence must be admissible in court. We can advise you on how to ensure that your evidence is admissible.

Methodology and procedure for collecting evidence

  • Methodology for gathering factual evidence

  • Procedure article 145 of the Code of Civil Procedure

  • Findings with Commissaire de Justice

Internal investigations

Conducting impartial internal investigations through respect for the principles of processual law

🔥 Does your company or organization (association, public authority...) need to conduct an internal investigation?
‍➡️ We help you set up and conduct this internal investigation in line with the standards of corporate social responsibility, or we conduct this investigation so that the principles of procedural law are respected, as well as attorney-client privilege and the (future) confidentiality of in-house lawyers' opinions.

‍🔥 You have been summoned as part of an internal investigation within your company or organization?
‍➡️ We advise, assist and defend you in the event of being implicated in this internal investigation.

Probity - Anti-harassment and anti-discrimination - Compliance - Duty of care - RGPD


Whether you're a victim or a defendant, whether you're involved in a current or future trial: get your rights recognized, defend you, in court and in the media.
We help you get through the crisis you're facing, and defend your rights, through criminal and legal defense, but also through media advocacy.

The art of defense, in court and in the media

The art of defense (criminal defense and other types of legal defense) is first and foremost exercised before the judge, in court. But it is also practiced in the media and on social networks, in the face of what some call "media justice", which is often nothing more than cyber-harassment. In all cases, ORATORIK is at your side to advise and defend you.

We apply our ADERA method (Arts - Law - Empathy - Rhetoric - Argumentation) for a comprehensive defense that takes into account the arts, law, behavioral sciences and rhetorical and argumentative techniques).Our expertise lies mainly in the following areas:

  • Criminal & disciplinary

  • Arts, culture & rights

  • Personal rights & freedom of expression

  • Compliance & duty of care

  • Professions of law & justice

#Arts - #Media - #Reputation - #Privacy - #Penal - #Perquisitions - #Visits - #Seizures - #Disciplinary - #Compliance - #Human rights - #Duty of care - #MARD - #Argumentation

Argumentation and pitch

Crisis communication & E-Reputation

ORATORIK assists and advises you, together with your communications agency, in your crisis communications that affect your reputation or that of your company, association or administration.

Together with your agency, we support you in drafting your press releases and public statements, whether external or internal to your organization. We act in coordination with your communicators and in conjunction with technical partners to protect your e-reputation.


Your disputes

Disputes can be resolved through law and justice in two ways:
- either through a transactional approach following negotiation or another amicable resolution tool, such as mediation,
- or through legal proceedings by recourse to a judge or arbitrator.
ORATORIK participates in the resolution of your disputes as a lawyer, mediator or arbitrator.

The two routes: amicable or legal ➡️

Whenever possible and desirable ORATORIK promotes the use of amicable dispute resolution methods (reasoned negotiation, mediation, participative procedure). We use the rhetoric of negotiation to try to reach an agreement with the party opposing your dispute. If necessary, we resort to mediation, a powerful tool for the amicable resolution of disputes. Mediation involves a third party, the mediator, who helps the parties reach an agreement to put an end to their dispute. The mediator cannot impose a decision, and is neither a judge nor an arbitrator. Everything takes place under your control. We can intervene either as your lawyer in the mediation process, or as a mediator chosen by all parties to the dispute.

If no agreement can be reached with the opposing party through amicable means, it will be necessary to have recourse to a judge or arbitrator. A court judge is a member of the public judiciary. Arbitration is a private matter. There are a number of reasons why you may wish to have recourse to arbitration rather than the courts. It may be compulsory if your contract contains an arbitration clause. But it is also possible, on an optional basis, in certain matters, notably commercial, by signing a deed called a "compromise" with the opposing party. By signing this deed, you ask one or more arbitrators, appointed by the parties, to settle the dispute, in law or in equity if you wish to resort to amicable composition.

Arbitration is considered a faster and more confidential form of justice than the public system. It is also more expensive, as the arbitrators are paid by the parties. However, it is perfectly suited to certain disputes, and its costs can be controlled.

#Arts - #Media - #Reputation - #Privacy - #Penal - #Perquisitions - #Visits - #Seizures - #Disciplinary - #Compliance - #Human rights - #Duty of care - #MARD - #Argumentation

Your legal difficulties in carrying out your projects and procedures

🔥 Are you facing legal difficulties or opposition that are standing in the way of your project?
➡️ We can advise you on how to resolve these difficulties or opposition, or act as a mediator in a project mediation.

🔥 Is your company or organization (association, school, higher education establishment, public authority....) wishes to initiate disciplinary proceedings?
➡️ We help you to set up and conduct this internal disciplinary procedure impartially in line with the standards of corporate social responsibility, so that the principles of procedural law are respected.

#Probity- #Fight against harassment and discrimination - #Compliance - #Devoirdevigilance - #RGPD

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