Advocacy workshop


ORATORIK runs a study, training and practice workshop on the art of advocacy. Some of its resources are available online here:

Advocacy workshop

Rhetoric, art, science and justice

"In the world of men, arguments of right have weight only insofar as the adversaries in presence have equivalent means; if this is not the case, the stronger take all possible advantage of their power while the weaker have only to bow."
, La guerre du Péloponèse, Gallimard, t.2, p. 120

Advocacy workshop

Advocacy, for the lawyer or anyone involved in defending a person or a cause, brings together all the legal, rhetorical, psychological, anthropological and cultural techniques and resources needed to successfully carry out a mission as defender, litigator, negotiator or mediator.

These techniques and resources are drawn from law, argumentation and rhetoric (the art of convincing and persuading, the art of telling it like it is, but also the art of negotiating the distance between individuals on a given subject through words and speech), behavioral and cognitive sciences, emotional intelligence, anthropology, the arts and humanities, digital tools and artificial intelligence, soft skills.

As defense lawyers, we use them to gather and analyze evidence, question witnesses and parties, find the applicable law, convince and persuade the judge or arbitrator, in writing and orally.

‍Asnegotiating or mediating lawyers, they help us to understand how a transactional agreement between the parties to a dispute is constructed and to obtain it.

We conduct studies on the theories and practices of this art to develop the ADERA method (Arts - Law - Empathy - Rhetoric - Argumentation) and share them through the dissemination of reports, interviews, resource sharing, conferences and training courses.

These resources are partly available on the Oratorik Advocacy Workshop website accessible here:

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