Compliance & duty of care

Work alongside companies and other organizations to ensure that the principles of procedural law are applied in internal investigations and disciplinary proceedings, and that due diligence, human rights, the environment and the monumental goals of compliance are respected.

"The purpose of compliance law is to entrust companies with the task of protecting human beings in their environment. In this human affair, people have to convince others of the soundness of corporate actions with regard to the concrete goals they must achieve in the long term. Convincing within the company and convincing third parties. Traditionally, these "conviction-bearers", who know that they have no power and who are the bearers of genuine concern for others, are lawyers. Today, concern for others is the monumental goal of compliance law. Marie-Anne Frison-Roche, L'avocat, porteur de conviction dans le nouveau système de compliance in Dalloz Avocat 2020 page 133".

Your company or organization needs to conduct an internal investigation following a report or alert.

We can help you set up an internal investigation and conduct it in accordance with the principles of procedural law.

Your company or organization needs to put in place a vigilance plan, a process to meet obligations relating to Corporate Social Responsibility - Organizations, to pursue the achievement of the monumental goals of compliance and you need to reach an agreement with stakeholders (employees, trade unions, civil society players, NGOs, administrations ...).

We help you to set up a negotiation or mediation process or to conduct a negotiation or mediation to try to reach an agreement before going to court.

Your company or organization has set up a due diligence plan, a CSR plan or compliance processes and is being criticized in the media or in court for failing to meet its obligations.
Your organization wishes to challenge a company for failing to comply with a due diligence plan, a CSR plan or compliance processes.

We conduct negotiations or mediation between all parties involved, or assist you in defending your case before the courts.

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