"My first case as a mediation support lawyer".

Accompanying lawyer - Mediation

Matthieu Boissavy - Hirbod Dehghani-Azar - Andréa Plumel - Campus July 6, 2023

Teaching objective:

Understand an amicable approach, and more specifically the role of a lawyer assisting in mediation, from the first meeting with the customer to the implementation of a settlement.


Training content :

A. The "choice" of amicable strategy .... Or not

  1. Mard presentation and economic valuation of the amicable approach
  2. Cases where mediation is required (texts, clauses, injunctions, etc.)
  3. First contact with adversary (ethics, objectives)
  4. Implementation (customer preparation, choice of mediator, etc.)

B. The posture of the accompanying lawyer

  1. A collaborative and protective stance
  2. A technical posture (administration of proof, schedule management, drafting and implementation of agreements)

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